Statutory Information


School name: Kirkby High School

School Address:  Bracknell Avenue, Liverpool, L32 9PP

Telephone:  0151 477 8710

Headteacher: Rochelle Conefrey

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Ethos & Vision

Our Vision
A community that believes in top class teaching and a pastoral care system that is second to none ensures that we prepare our young people for a bright and optimistic future, filled with opportunity.

Our Values
We believe Kirkby as a community deserves a High School of the very highest quality, where Kirkby parents can trust their children will:

  • Be cared for in, and part of a calm culture built on mutual respect
  • Be encouraged to have the very highest aspirations and given the support to achieve those goals
  • Be taught outstanding lessons by dedicated staff
  • Develop their creative curiosity and independent thinking skills
  • Enjoy a wide range of inspirational experiences, within lessons and during extra curricular activities
  • Grow into mature, responsible, thoughtful and successful members of society


Please behaviour policy which includes exclusion arrangements is available to download here: Behaviour Policy Sept 2019


Please click here to view our admissions policy


Our latest results (Provisional data 2018)

    • Attainment 8 score: 34.76
    • Progress 8 score: -0.79*
    • Grade 5+ in English and Maths: 22.32%
    • Percentage entering English Baccalaureate: 10%
    • Percentage achieving grade 5 or above in English Baccalaureate: 4%
    • Percentage achieving grade 4 or above in English Baccalaureate: 6%
  • Students who stayed in Education or went in employment after finishing KS4: 96.3% (2017)

School Performance Tables: Please click here to view the performance tables

Other headline figures

    • The percentage of students achieving at least a strong pass in English and Maths has increased by 3%
    • The percentage of students achieving an English strong pass increased by 3% and maths strong pass increased by 8%
    • The average attainment of students entered for EBACC has improved from an E to a D-
    • The average attainment of our disadvantaged students has increased
    • The percentage of students achieving a standard pass (grade 4) in science has more than doubled.
    • The percentage of students achieving a strong pass (grade 5) in science has more than doubled.
  • The average attainment of disadvantaged boys is higher than the previous year.

2016-2017 Results

  • Attainment 8 score: 36.1
  • Progress 8 Score: -0.7
  • Grade 5+ in both English and Mathematics: 19%
  • Entering English Baccalaureate (EBacc): 8%
  • Achieved EBacc: 3%


Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Information for 2018-2019 academic year

Pupil Premium Information for 2017-2018 academic year

Pupil Premium Information for 2016-2017 academic year

Year 7 catch-up premium

Curriculum and Qualifications

Our curriculum information can be found here.

Information on all KS4 subjects can be found in our options booklet which can be downloaded here: Options Booklet.


Please visit our Policies page for our latest policies.

Accessibility Plan

SEN coordinator: Jeanette Rigby

Charging and Remissions

Financial Information

Provider Access Policy

Gender Pay Gap Report

The report can be viewed here: 2018-19 Gender Pay Gap Report

Trade Union Facilities Time Report

Please view this report on the Rowan Learning Trust website by clicking here.

Data Protection

Data Protection Officer: Chris Bolton (Email: Telephone: 01942 204640)

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