History Teachers

Mr Woods Head of Department History
Mr Campbell Classroom Teacher History
Mrs Smith Teacher of History/ Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr Murray Teacher of History
Mr Merrett Teacher of History/CIEAG coordinator
Mr Foy Teacher of History/ Temp Head of Year
Mr Greenhalgh Teacher of History/Assistant Headteacher

Vision of Subject

Cicero: “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.”

The History Department strives to foster in students an understanding and an enthusiasm for the events, people and ideas of the past.  We want to engage and excite students about the key characteristics of the past that have shaped the way we live and think today.  We believe that the study of history is paramount to understanding current world politics, economic trends, technological advances, moral choices and environmental issues that we face today.  Through this understanding of the past, our students will be better equipped to shape their choices for the future.  The study of history allows for students to broaden and develop a wide range of skills.  A large emphasis is placed on students developing the ability to determine their own arguments about events and people in the past.  They are encouraged to use a wide range of sources and evidence to help them determine their points of view.

Statement of Intent

We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious History curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which immerses students in a range of cultures and engenders an enquiring and critical outlook on the world. Our aim is to produce confident historians who acquire a passion and love for the subject.

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to give students a broad understanding of the chronological development of societies, cultures, and world events within Britain and the world. Therefore, equipping students with essential skills necessary to succeed at Kirkby High School and beyond.


In Key stage 3 assessments are completed every half term to track and monitor the progress of students. Feedback is provided to students in terms of the skills they are working towards or have mastered. Targets for further improvement are then shared with students.

In years 7 and 8, students are taught in mixed ability classes whilst in year 9 students are taught in sets based on ability . They receive a diet of two one hour periods per week. Home work is set on a half-termly basis via the class charts system.


At Key Stage 4 History is a subject that is taught as a GCSE option. Students that opt to take History in Key Stage 4, have 3 hours a week and will work towards a GCSE qualification. They follow the Edexcel GCSE history programme and will complete three end of Year11 examinations on the following topics:

Paper 1: Crime and Punishment in Britain, c1000 – present and Whitechapel, c1870 – 1900: crime, policing and the inner city.

Paper 2: Period Study: Superpower relations and the cold war, 1941-1991 

Depth study: Early Elizabethan England 1858 – 88.

Paper 3: The USA, 1954 – 75: Conflict at home and abroad.

They will be awarded a grade 1-9 following their GCSE examinations in the summer of Year 11. Assessments to track progress are set regularly throughout each half term. Feedback is related to GCSE criteria to highlight areas of strength and development throughout the course.

Throughout their time at Kirkby, students are taught the following key skills:

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the periods studied.

Explain and analyse historical events and periods studied using second-order historical concepts.

Analyse, evaluate and use sources (contemporary to the period) to make substantiated judgments, in the context of historical events studied.

Analyse, evaluate and make substantiated judgments about interpretations (including how and why interpretations may differ) in the context of historical events studied.

Overview of the History Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are outlined in the link below:

History Curriculum Overview 

Links to GCSE Exam Board Specifications


Long Term KS3 and 4 Scheme of Work

Y7 Themes/Focus

Roman Empire

The Battle of Hastings

Norman England

Medieval England

The American West

Y8 Theme/Focus

Tudors & Stuarts

Religious conflict

Political conflict

Industrial Revolution

Industrial entrepreneurs

Industrial towns

Victorian England

The Slave trade

Y9 Theme/Focus

International Conflict

Causes of WW1

World war 1

Democracy and Dictatorship

Causes of WW2

Life in Nazi Germany

Impact of War

20th Century USA - Birth of a Superpower

Y10 Theme/Focus

Terms 1 & 2 - Paper 1: Crime and Punishment in Britain, c1000 – present and Whitechapel, c1870 – 1900: crime, policing and the inner city.

Term 3

Paper 2: Period study: Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941 - 91

Y11 Theme/ Focus

Term 1

Depth study: Early Elizabethan England 1858 – 88.

Term 2

Paper 3: The USA, 1954 – 75: Conflict at home and abroad.

Term 3

Revision sessions

Additional Information

Open door policy Tuesday to Thursday for student catch up, homework guidance and revision.

Prior to exams Y11 students will be expected to attend weekend and holiday revision/ booster classes.