The Rowan Learning Trust

The Rowan Learning Trust was established in May

"Key changes are becoming firmly established throughout the school" OFSTED 2018

2012 with the aim of maximising the potential of all children, students and adults that we work with.

The Trust was established by the Governing Body and Leadership Team of Hawkley Hall High School following successful school to school support over a number of years and across a large number of schools in the Greater Manchester area. That school to school support was based on the belief that teachers should help each other to develop professionally so that the life chances of the children and students that we teach can also improve. The school to school support brought tangible benefits not just to those schools that we worked with but also to Hawkley and our students.

The establishment of the Trust was therefore the next step in the evolution of our ongoing professional development as it will allow other schools from a variety of stages to join our community and allow us to develop together for the greater benefit of all of our children, students and adults.

Underlining our commitment to maximising potential for all are these simple but powerful ideas:
1. Valuing all children, young people and adults
2. Providing safe and nurturing settings
3. Creating opportunities for continual growth and development
4. Developing exceptional professionals
5. Delivering a culture of mutual respect
6. Fostering a learning community

Over the coming months and years we aim to grow the number of schools within the Trust and to provide training and support to other schools and organisations on their improvement journey.  If you would like to find out more about working with us or how we can help you on your journey please do contact us.