Year 6/7 transition

Year 6/7 Transition

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CLICK HERE - Welcome Letter - March 2021

Summer 2020 Updates

CLICK HERE - Road safety for children starting secondary school - Thursday 16th July 2020

CLICK HERE - Year 6 transition - Message from our Year 7 students

CLICK HERE - Video Message for Year 6 Students - Friday 26th June 2020

CLICK HERE - Letter to Year 6 parents - Monday 22nd June 2020

CLICK HERE - Letter from Headteacher - Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Useful Information

CLICK HERE - Year 6 transition workbook

CLICK HERE - Data Collection Sheet

CLICK HERE - Pupil Consent Form (Under 13s)

CLICK HERE- Kirkby High School Uniform Size Guide 2020

CLICK HERE - KHS Uniform Order Template

CLICK HERE - Yr 6 Handbook all schools 2020

CLICK HERE - Stagecoach Bus Service

Website Links

BBC Bitesize

What’s the difference between primary and secondary school?

Starting secondary school

Packed with videos, interactive games, tips and advice, this website will help your child during their last term in primary school and through their critical first weeks at secondary school

Are you secondary school ready?

Young Minds resources

Find your feet – Transitioning to secondary school

Find your feet – Transition tips for parents

Transition tips for pupils with SEND

Kirkby Library – Join your local library.

Free subject resources for Year 7 (scroll down to aged 11-14 resources)

A parent guide to starting secondary school