Special Education Needs and Disability

Our vision is that together we can help to remove barriers to learning in order to enable our students to succeed at Kirkby High School, progressing on to adult life.

In line with our whole school philosophy of “Maximising our Potential” students with additional needs are carefully and comprehensively assessed in their primary school.

All students with additional needs in year 6 who have a place at the school are visited at their primary school personally by our Head of Inclusion with their needs assessed and an action plan produced.

We endeavour to provide an inclusive transition programme, where students are welcomed into Kirkby High school over a number weeks and given the opportunity to meet staff and other students. Our inclusive transition programme encourages the sharing of vital information which ensures a smooth and positive integration for your child into high school.

Our inclusion department is filled with highly skilled and experienced staff who have worked with a vast number of students with a range of complex needs; physical and mental. We continue to develop our own capabilities through internal and external training. Ensuring Kirkby High School students have the best possible support from our staff.

All students attend mainstream classes but are supported by a team of professional and dedicated staff. Continuous support is given, as required to meet the individual needs of each student through a range of approaches including in class support, small group intervention programmes and specific targeted one-to-one sessions. All programmes are designed to develop students socially and emotionally, whilst building self-esteem and academic ability.

Interventions take place within the faculty to support the four broad areas of SEND, Social, emotional and mental health, communication and interaction, cognition and learning and sensory and/or physical difficulties.  As well as our SENDCO, Head of Faculty and Deputy Head of Faculty we employ members of staff specifically to deliver literacy and numeracy intervention. Students are further supported by our dedicated team of teaching assistants who hold qualifications across multiple SEND areas allowing us to offer bespoke intervention throughout the academic year.

All interventions are assessed, implemented, evaluated, and adapted accordingly to meet the needs of each individual student and there is constant communication, with inclusion staff, teaching staff, pastoral support officers and parents. We firmly believe that our holistic approach determines the best possible outcomes for our students.

Where a member of staff has a concern for a child, the faculty is responsible for the assessment of any possible SEND and ensuring that there are appropriate referrals to partner agencies including The Neurodevelopmental Pathway, school health, speech and language, occupational therapist, paediatrician, the sensory impaired service and CAMHS.

At Kirkby High School we continuously strive to ensure that everyone in our school is treated with respect and dignity. Each person in our school will be given fair and equal opportunities to develop their full potential with positive regard to gender, ethnicity, cultural, socio-economic, and religious background, sexuality, or disability.

SENDCO – Mr Joseph Carroll