Personal Development

Personal Development

Teaching Staff

Mr Greenbank HoD PD / PD and English Teacher
Mr Murray Teacher of PD
Mr E Knowlson Teacher of PD
Mrs L Keary Teacher of PD

Vision of Subject

Personal Development and Wellbeing focuses on the emotional and physical health of our young people; their understanding of the world as they grow and their enjoyment of KHS, and of teenage life.

Statement of Intent

PD at KHS is more than a subject.

It’s a springboard to understanding, engaging with - and succeeding in - today’s society.
It permeates across the whole school through a balanced and diverse curriculum, through which we want to inform and prepare young people for a happy life as good citizens in modern Britain, helping them form positive relationships and make the right choices in life.
To do this effectively, we create a safe and secure learning environment to give students the confidence to discuss topics and issues important to them, using a variety of resources to help them reflect on the world they see around them.

Primary sessions and the Y7 PD programme focus on transition into secondary school, whilst KS4 Wellbeing is all about preparing for the future.


All year 7 students are taught in mixed ability groups for 1 hour per week. Year 8 and 9 enjoy monthly Personal Development sessions that are planned throughout the year.

Students will receive termly homework challenges linked to the learning in the classroom.


At Key Stage 4, students will be taught in mixed ability groups for Wellbeing sessions on a carousel.

Students plan their own learning, through student voice which is used to inform planning and delivery of each session.

Key Knowledge and Skills

Wellbeing is about developing the skills, knowledge and confidence to making the right choices. It will also cover aspects of preparing for the future, as things change for us all.

Skills include:


Social Skills

Self Awareness



Communication skills

Overview of the Personal Development Curriculum

The topics students cover throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 are outlined in the links below:

Y7 PD curriculum overview

KS4 curriculum overview


Long term KS3 and KS4 Schemes of Work




KS4 Y10 Wellbeing SoW 2021-22

KS4 Y11 Wellbeing SoW 2021-22

Additional Information

Rainbow Club every Thursday lunchtime. See Mr Greenbank for a Rainbow Club pass.