Personal Development

The Personal Development curriculum at Kirkby High School aims to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to lead a confident, healthy, independent life and to become an informed, active, responsible citizen.

Personal Development covers all aspects of personal, social and health education. We use a variety of internal and external agencies to support in the delivery of key topics, helping students to understand the complex issues that all young people face today.

What content do we cover in Personal Development?


Our careers education and guidance programme contributions to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned programme of activities supports students throughout year 7 up to year 11. This focuses on helping students focus on their interests and abilities and helps them to think about possible future career decisions. Click here to be taken to our designated careers page.

British Values and Citizenship

British Values and Citizenship is about helping young people understand the rights and responsibilities they have as members of society. This aspect of our curriculum offers the opportunity to celebrate our communities. It enriches the curriculum and empowers our students as active citizens. British Values and Citizenship aim to ensure that students:

  • Know their rights and responsibilities
  • Analyse and discuss significant issues
  • Understand how society works
  • Learn how to play an active role in society

Relationships and sex education (RSE)

Our RSE curriculum encompasses the development of attitudes, beliefs and values about relationships, sexual identity and intimacy and sexuality. Age-appropriate lessons are delivered by a designated team of staff openly and honestly, in line with the school’s RSE and child protection policies.


SMSC is spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. SMSC is an integral part of each student’s and as such is embedded throughout all aspects of the curriculum, including form time activities. This supports us in developing our students to be well-rounded, active citizens, ready for the wider world they will enter as young adults.