Another record-breaking year for KHS

Once again, through their hard work and belief in our community ethos, year 11 have done themselves proud. In maths and English, under the new tougher 9-1 grading system, our students have bucked the national trend by increasing the number of passes in both from 38% to 46%. It’s really important to remember though, that this is real life chances for real students, not just the headline statistics.

We’ve worked really hard on stretching the most able at KHS, where in the past the focus was always to “just get past a C”. This year 10% of all grades were A/A* (or the equivalent 9-7 for English and maths).

Compared to last year, our ever-increasing grade average has continued in all areas – English (+0.5 of a grade), Maths (+1 grade), EBACC subjects (+0.5 of a grade) and the open subjects (+1 grade).

These year on year successes have undoubtedly contributed to our popularity – we were oversubscribed by 43 prospective students for September 2017. I believe that this is not the only factor, however. Our strong community ethos, coupled with our insistence on the highest standards of behaviour, make our students feel safe, happy and able to learn effectively.

This increase in our student population has prompted us to make further investment in our building – with 4 new state of the art classrooms being built over the summer. This is a must – we will never go back to open learning spaces and large groups of students, keeping our class size average below 25.

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