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Etiquette and Social Skills Training

On Wednesday 4th December, Kirkby High School welcomed Belinda Alexander, otherwise known as ‘The Mentor of Modern Manners”. Belinda’s Etiquette and Social Skills session for Year 10 and 11 School Leaders, was the first in their development programme, which will run over this academic year. Pupils learnt the importance of body language, deportment and conversational skills, and then practiced each through ‘role play’ situations. It was a pleasure to see pupils literally grow in stature as they moved confidently and overcame nerves when learning how to enter a room and greet each other with a firm handshake whilst maintaining eye contact and introducing themselves.

 They also gave short presentations and engaged in the art of conversation, learning not only how to initiate a conversation, but how, by listening carefully, they could maintain it,  which will certainly help when ‘meeting and greeting’ members of the public and other guests who visit school. Pupils ended the session with a short lesson on deportment, understanding the importance of posture and how, by walking tall, you can give off a huge amount of confidence.

Belinda, who was visiting Knowsley for the first time, was impressed with pupils and commented on how receptive they were and how they were a credit to the school.


The upcoming school leader programme includes:


4th December 2013

Social Skills and Etiquette - Meeting and Greeting, making introductions.
Body Language – the unspoken word and how important this is.
The Art of Conversation and Public Speaking – how to overcome nerves – with guest speaker Belinda Alexander

January 2014

Communication and Confidence workshop – Dealing with situations in an assertive manner – with Miss Baker

February 2014

Team Building Skills – Bootcamp – with KHS’ invincible Sergeant Shutt

March 2014

Leadership – What makes a good leader?

April 2014

Peer Mentoring – guiding younger pupils towards academic and social success by providing support, advice, encouragement, and friendship - with Miss K Hughes

May 2014

Public Speaking – understanding the dynamics of public speaking and delivering an assembly – with Mr Sharrock

June 2014

CV Writing – How to write an outstanding personal statement.

July 2014

The Role of a School Leader – introducing the role and responsibilities to new recruits.