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World Book Day

This week, we focused on World Book Day. The English department made an extra special effort. With the theme ‘heroes and villains’, I saw many different costumes. These included; Titania, Gangster Granny, The Queen of Hearts and Effie Trinket. I also saw Sherlock Holmes ask Darth Vader where Mrs Smith was. The funny thing was, Mrs Smith was dressed as Where’s Wally. Ha ha! Not a very good detective. We asked our teachers a few questions and I picked out what ones I thought were best. ‘Do you think dressing up was a good idea?’ Her reply was; ‘Yes, I think it allowed the students to see a different side of the teachers.’ We also asked ‘Do you think it would good if, next year, we asked year 7’s and year 8’s to participate in dressing up?’ Miss replied; ‘Yes I think it would be great. A bigger event, with more people involved!’ In my class we designed our own superhero. We gave them powers and a personality. However, some other classes done different things, all to do with heroes and villains of course!

Isobel Whitelaw

On world book day, a few of our English teachers dressed up as characters they enjoy reading about or even aspire to be. I think it is good that the teachers dress up as it shows a different side to their personality. This year’s theme was ‘heroes and villains’. Next year, the school wants to encourage, more students and staff to participate.

Lyly-Jo Tunstall


Miss Littler world book day
Miss Shipside world book day
Mrs Lyons World book day



Playstation Event 9.2.17

On Thursday, Kirkby high School welcomed representatives of Sony Playstation. Students in certain year groups had the chance to put their gaming skills to show, whilst others had the chance to have some fun using the play station 4 consoles. Kirkby High were also extremely privileged to host England and Liverpool football clubs’ fullback ‘Nathaniel Clyne’, as well as well-known Youtuber ‘FIFA Manny’. There was also a thrilling lunch time football game that saw the year 7 boys go head to head against All Saints. At full time, the year 7 team from Kirkby High came out on top with a well-deserved 6-2 victory.

Harry Armstrong


My experience having Nathaniel Clyne and the Playstation team here at KHS was awesome! We played multiple games such as Fifa, Star Wars lego and many more. I played Skylanders and watched my friends have fun playing it too. I also got my picture taken with my friends – it was great overall. I think it helped some kids come out of their comfort zone and have fun.

Lyly-Jo Tunstall


This week, the Playstation team came to Kirkby High School, along with star Liverpool player ‘Nathaniel Clyne’ to teach those who chose to join in with football. I, myself, chose video games and the team set up a good variety. The games that had a multi-player option encouraged the other children to communicate with one another. I felt like the options of being trained by a professional footballer or playing online games was a good variety of options to suit our interests. If you were uncomfortable with playing games, you could just watch or talk to friends.

Isabel Whitelaw


Recorded Interview Mr Johnson

PJ and press team

Press Team pictured with Mr Johnson, Head of P.E.  

Miss Gill with Fifa Manny

Miss Gill with Fifa Manny  

Yr7 boys with Nathanial Clyne

Year 7 boys with Nathanial Clyne