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New Kirkby High School labs will be the perfect catalyst for young scientists

KIRKBY High School is providing the perfect catalyst for budding scientists after unveiling a block of new laboratories – forming part of a broader £1million redevelopment project.

The new labs feature dedicated testing areas for hands-on experiments along with modern desk space offering top facilities for all young learners.

Headteacher Bill Leyland, a former science teacher himself, said the development is part of a raft of school infrastructure and IT improvements.

He said: “To be able to consider science at college, university or as a career, children must first be able to experiment and see science in action. We now have three state-of-the-art labs designed to modern specifications to boost practical learning.

“The school is now well equipped to provide our students with a solid grounding in science studies. We have the facilities to carry out in-depth and rigorous experiments, which will greatly enhance the learning process. This investment will also enable us to coordinate the science department in one designated space rather than across various classrooms around the school.

“There are dedicated labs for each science teacher which also benefit from seating areas for brainstorming sessions and theory work, to help compliment and balance the practical testing areas – just like in industry. The pupils are already eager to get on their white lab coats.”

Plans for the six-month redevelopment project were announced earlier this year. The new science labs are located in ground-floor space previously used for both science and technology lessons.

Mr Leyland said the new arrangement has created a quieter and more effective learning environment, as different subject lessons are no longer taught in the same work space.

“Kirkby High School recognises the importance of teaching science from a young age and capturing the spark of interest which many young people show in the subject,” he said. “The life science sector is also thriving in the Liverpool City Region and holds great potential in the years to come.

“This investment in infrastructure reflects our ethos of ‘Excellence for All’. We want our students to be aspirational and to capitalise on the career opportunities available to them. Crucially, we also want to provide them with the facilities and opportunities to achieve their goals and make the most of their talents.”

In addition to the new science labs, Kirkby High School has created two new technology workshop/studios for textiles and graphic design.

In other developments, the school has invested in flat-screen computers and built new classrooms to support subjects including geography, history and RE. Furthermore, all classrooms have now been fitted with ultra-short throw projectors giving bright, crystal-clear images on whiteboards to enhance lessons.

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PICTURES show pupils in the new science labs and headteacher Bill Leyland with pupils during a lesson.