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School name and address:  Kirkby High School, Bracknell Avenue, Liverpool, L32 9PP
Telephone:  0151 477 8710

Any enquiries should, in the first instance, be directed to the main office who will direct you to the most appropriate person to handle your query.

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Ethos & Vision

Our Vision
Through sustained and rapid improvement, our school community will continue to grow into a flagship of excellence within the region.

Our Values
We believe Kirkby as a community deserves a High School of the very highest quality, where Kirkby parents can trust their children will:

  • Be cared for in, and part of a calm culture built on mutual respect
  • Be encouraged to have the very highest aspirations and given the support to achieve those goals
  • Be taught outstanding lessons by dedicated staff
  • Develop their creative curiosity and independent thinking skills
  • Enjoy a wide range of inspirational experiences, within lessons and during extra curricular activities
  • Grow into mature, responsible, thoughtful and successful members of society




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Data & Ofsted


Exam results 2017

Attainment 8 score 3.6 (D)

1/3 grade rise from 2016

English element grade D+ (1/3 grade rise from 2016)

Mathematics element grade D  (1 grade rise from 2016)

Ebacc Element grade E (1 grade rise from 2016)

Open element grade C (1 grade rise from 2016)

Progress 8 score -0.7.

0.05 rise from 2016

Basics 46%.

8% rise from 2016

Other headline figures.

  • Attainment has risen between 2016 and 2017 and is showing signs of bridging the gap between school and national in the basics measure
  • In the new accountability measures, the grade equivalents have risen in all areas. The attainment gap has closed between the school and national by 0.1 in overall attainment, 0.71 in the maths element and 0.8 in the open element.
  • The disadvantaged gap to the national other has closed by 9% in the basics and by 2.7% in attainment.
  • Disadvantaged pupils’ attainment 8 scores have risen overall, in the maths element and the open element.
  • SEND and low on entry pupils’ attainment has risen over the past 2 years.
  • Over the past two years progress has increase overall, in the maths element and the open element.
  • Low ability pupils in English, middle ability pupils in mathematics and all ability pupils in the open element met or exceeded floor standards.

Pupil Premium


Curriculum and Qualifications

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Information on all KS4 subjects can be found in our options booklet.



Our named SENCO is Jason Webb.


Charging and Remissions


Financial Information

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Gender Pay Gap Report

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